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WIGO is one of the European companies promoting CLT and eco-materials, offering its customers high-quality CLT panels, laminated timber, wooden frame structures and timber construction materials, as well as modular cabins and pre-fabricated panels.
Wood is the building material of the future for creating sustainable, eco-friendly buildings
Wood is the building material of the future, as it's the best-suited material for creating sustainable, eco-friendly buildings. Wood can offer natural climate control and is breathable, thus providing the best air quality and environment. The natural and clean way of building will let you feel in harmony with the environment.

It all starts with choosing the wood - only the highest quality timber should be used, and the drying is done with special care to guarantee that the products meet the quality standards. Each of the projects is uniquely created to order, perfectly designed down to the smallest details, and the process is controlled by strict quality criteria.
Our engineered wood wall, ceiling and floor elements are manufactured in a factory that meets all of the criteria set by the European Union. WIGO-Innovo system is patented and therefore unique in the field of timber house production, designed to provide a healthy, breathable indoor environment. In addition to that, our patented press guarantees even pressure and drying of solid wood elements in one step. Further installations such as electricity and water supply are already considered during production. That's why you can be sure that our state-of-the-art equipment and professionally trained staff will provide a home that will last for generations.

We put the emphasis on what's important – quality and sustainability
WIGO promoting high-quality and functional prefab CLT and wooden frame panels, as well as modular houses, and takes part in commercial projects across a range of industries
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